Readings about Writing
bullet The Most Basic Writing Tools
bullet A Short Essay on the Essay
bullet What an Essay is
bullet Topic versus Thesis
bullet Why Write?


bullet Freewriting
bullet Journal Writing

Types of Essays

bullet Product Review as an Essay
bullet Argument and Variations on the Truth
bullet Greek Rhetoric Revisited
bullet Beefing Up Your Essay
bullet Introductions
bullet Just Tell the Tale
bullet Dialogue in Essays
bullet FRESCA
bullet Transitions


bullet The Craft of Editing
bullet Citing Your Sources
bullet Peer Reviewing
bullet Bulwer-Lytton's Runaway Sentences



Readings about College Reading and Critical Thinking
bullet How to Create a Summary
bullet Mark Up Your Textbook
bullet Reading 0950 Online Welcome (Why Reading Class?)
bullet Assignment Expectations
bullet A Visual Comparison of Patterns of Organization

Readings about Learning and the Brain
bullet Dendrite Growth Equals Learning!
bullet How We All Learn
bullet What Learning Looks Like in the Brain
bullet Summary of the Natural Learning Process
bullet Your Brain and How You Learn (not a reading; a slide show)

Articles I have published in magazines
bullet "Choosing the Right Instructor -- You Better Shop Around"  Karate Illustrated May 1983
bullet "The Art of the Deadly Crutch" Black Belt October 1983
bullet "Climbing Denali" The Way of Traditional Taekwondo Spring 1997
bullet "Women of Karate" Black Belt April 1986

Other Articles or Essays
bullet Clay Play
bullet Sleep of Terror
bullet A Teacher's Note
bullet Using the Discussion Board
bullet Extreme Water Conservation


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