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Essay Writers:
  • An essay is not a report.  You must have some kind of bias, which is your opinion that you're trying to prove, using facts.
  • Generally, all essays are expected to be typed up with standard font, double-spaced lines, and printed on only one side of each page.  The heading style depends on your instructor.
  • Content is more important than grammar.  You can have good content with poor grammar, but it's practically impossible to use good grammar to say nothing.
  • Expect to revise.  For that reason, you can save yourself lots of time by saving the document electronically.
  • Any information that is not from your own head must be cited, whether you use a quotation or a paraphrase.

Writers of Everything Else:

  • The format of what you write shows the reader immediately what it is and what your purpose is.  A business letter always looks like a business letter and quite different from an essay, a memo, or a report.  So you need to follow formatting expectations carefully.
  • Most people need to take another look at what they've written to make sure it says what they intended.  Just writing something and sending it out without another check (like people do on email) is an invitation for disaster.  Get in the habit of looking it over before the final submission.