This is your chance to savor a unique New Mexico taste, a taste so special it won

1st place in the New Mexico State Fair in 2005.

Use it just like you would any jelly. . . with peanut butter in sandwiches, baked into jam bars, or as a glaze on a ham.  You can keep it on the shelf up to one year, but refrigerate it once you open it.  Enjoy!

Connie Gulick


4 oz. jars (tiny) -- $3.00 each

8 oz. jars (half-pint) -- $5.00 each

16 oz. jars (pint) -- $10.00 each


Why the various colors?

The darker green with black flecks is from chile that I had roasted and peeled myself.

The green with black flecks and some red in it is “Autumn Roast.”

The light green was not roasted.



Nutrition Facts:

Ingredients:  green chile, Splenda, lemon juice, pectin.

Serving size:  2 tablespoons

Servings per container:  48/ 8oz. container

                                    96/ 16 oz. container

Amount per serving:

Calories 6                   Calories from fat:  0

Total Fat  0 g

Total Carbohydrate  < 1 g

            Dietary Fiber  .5  g

            Sugars                 1 g

Protein  0 g

Vitamin A       Vitamin C


I will deliver within the Albuquerque and East Mountain areas.  Cost for shipping is undetermined at this time.