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Tijeras Snow

Delicate and lacy, no snowflake is the same.  These handcut snowflakes depict people, animals, and symbols.  You can hang them up as Christmas tree ornaments, tape them to your windows, scatter them on your holiday table, or send them folded up to a friend to unfold the joy.

Regular Prices

Large snowflakes (8)

Laminated -- $5
            Plain -- $3

Medium snowflakes (approx. 4)

Laminated -- $4

                        Plain -- $2

Tiny snowflakes -- $2

Custom snowflakes -- $8


Package Deals

Three large laminated snowflakes -- $10

No shipping cost.


I can make any image that shows up in silhouette into a snowflake.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you would like customized snowflakes, please email me at or call me at (505) 281-1768.  For more information and examples, go to this page:

Connie Gulick



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